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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Is your business is going down because of low ranking on the Search engine i.e. Google. Bing yahoo?? This is time to stop worrying about such ranking factors You may wonder why? Because Introducing us, Ennovative Web Design, the best SEO Experts, with heterogeneous knowledge and technical SEO skills to uplift the site. Ennovative Web Design is one of the fastest growing SEO company. With over 9 years of experience, We have performed online marketing of many websites and promoted them with best ranking results.

It is a gradual process that requires some patience, but right action at right time definitely helps set the track. Let us help you reach a higher level in your business where your site can produce organic traffic without having to spend hundreds of dollars in marketing and advertising.

There are two types of Search engine optimization:

1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO mainly focused on the human audience opposed to search engine by following the rules and regulation of search engine. White hat SEO also called long term SEO (mainly Google guidelines), it includes keyword research, link building, content writing, back linking etc.

2. Black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO also called as aggressive SEO mainly focused on the human audience not obeying the Search engine rules and regulation. Black hat SEO includes keyword Stuffing, hidden links, spam link. Black hat SEO is mainly used for quick financial returns from a website. Due to this black hat SEO, sometimes these website banned by a search engine.